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Friday, October 24, 2014



Menjelang tiba detik Maal Hijrah 1436H . . . buat kesekian kalinya . . . aku berdoa*, dan akan terus berdoa*:

Anugerahi hamba semangat ...
untuk mengubah 
apa yang terdaya hamba ubah;
ketenteraman jiwa ...
untuk menerima
segala apa yang tidak terdaya hamba ubah;
kebijaksanaan ...
untuk mengetahui
perbezaan antara impian dan realiti
mana yang terdaya mana yang tidak ... 

Anugerahi hamba semangat ...
tidak mudah mengalah
dalam segala apa yang hamba perjuangkan;
tidak mudah berubah
dalam segala apa yang hamba fikirkan benar
walaupun kadang kala hamba sedar
impian tidak semestinya menjadi realiti
kecundang di mana-mana saja menanti.

{Prinsip yang aku pegang dan pegangan yang aku praktikkan sejak zaman remajaku 1960-an. Mudah-mudahan Allah SWT melimpahkan kebesaran kurnia-NYA ke atas kita semua . . . pada tahun baru ini dan seterusnya. Amin.}


jika matahari cukup sasa
bagaimana pula Penciptanya
fikir-fikirkan ...
tentu pencetus segala kuasa
jauh lebih perkasa!
jika bulan cukup indah
bagaimana pula Penciptanya
fikir-fikrkan ...
tentu pemberi segala anugerah
jauh lebih menyerlah!

Maha Suci Allah!

bagaimana langit tiada bertiang
mengapa wujud malam dan siang
apakah tidak berasa hairan
angin bertiup berarak awan
ada ribut ada hujan
ada laut ada daratan!
planet bergantungan di angkasa lepas
semuanya menawan
betapa pula Penciptanya
fikir-fikirkan ...

Maha Suci Tuhan!

guruh dan kilat
siapa yang empunya kudrat
lembah bukit gunung dan tasik
haiwan nan pelik
siapa yang mentakhlikkan
fikir-fikirkan ...
ada mula ada akhir
sungai mesti mengalir ke hilir
fikir fikirkan ...
siapa yang empunya takdir!

**{Puisi peribadi tahun 2005}


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun Day d RMAF Museum's Way

Salam n Greetings to All

A Brave Effort

At about noon last Thursday 16 October 2014, Mej Sukumaran TUDM casually invited yours sincerely to the RMAF Museum's Open Day on Saturday 18 October 2014. 

He did so over the phone skilfully (soft skills put into action . . . as my good 'mat saleh' neighbour termed it, or was the Museum's No. 2 coached by his No. 1 . . .  just in jest Mej Sukumaran . . . hahaha hmm) so much so yours sincerely had to also in a very skillful manner put off an earlier family engagement to another day.

Jokes aside . . . yours sincerely felt quite elated at being invited to the open day (in practicality knowing when the occasion was to be held . . . an occasion which otherwise yours sincerely would have missed!)

What yours sincerely wants to point out is such an occasion should have been more widely promoted.

It would be good publicity for the RMAF Authorities / organizing team and undoubtedly for the RMAF Museum itself in the eyes of the public at large.   

Whatever the reasons were . . . yours sincerely thought the open day was a brave effort by the organizing body / committee to attract 'attention from the outside world' to the existence of the RMAF Museum. 

One very noticeable factor that arose from the open day do was that the organizers were full of ideas which unfortunately did not materialize large enough due perhaps to all kinds of inevitable restrictions and limitations.   

Erratic KL weather over the last few days did not help either. However it neither hampered the efforts of the organizing body nor it dampened the spirits of visitors to the RMAF Museum's Open Day. 

The parking lot was fully taken up from as early as in the morning . . . (yours sincerely was lucky to find one last available parking space on arrival at about 10:30 am) . . . otherwise cars and buses were seen to be directed to some parking area at a nearby mosque. 

Crowds thronged the premise and ground eagerly looking forward to the RMAF Museum's Open Day substance. 

Many visitors were seen excitedly heading towards the open space where the once famous RMAF's fleet of aircraft were being exhibited.

Even the soggy pitch where exhibit planes were being parked failed to deter the visitors from visiting this more popular area of the open day. 

Visitors especially the children were also intrigued with planes kept in and around the hangar.

Nevertheless . . . yours sincerely observed that the award for the most popularly visited site (if there is one) must surely go to the simulator station!

That department was seen to be fully occupied most of the time. 

The Man in Charge


A good omen . . . if this could be taken to mean we have potential pilots . . . budding and blooming . . . for future wants. God knows.

Mark of Respect 

Writer shaking the hands of Lt Kol Roslan Manan TUDM,
 Director RMAF Museum


the many expressions of RMAF Museum No.1

Back to Mej Sukumaran TUDM. Thanks again for inviting yours sincerely to the open day. It was a time well spent. 

 mission accomplished . . .  

but not before . . . 

 several more poses . . .  

with . . . 

none other . . . 

than . . .  

Lt Kol Roslan Manan TUDM . . . 


d Man of the Day 

. . . sesuatu yang harus dibanggakan rakyat Malaysia . . . 

Kudos to RMAF Museum's No. 1, Lt Kol Roslan Manan TUDM for the brave effort . . . and congrats to every member of the team involved in whatever manner that made this RMAF Museum's Open Day possible.